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Data Science Job Roles Across Organizational Levels

Data scientists work at all levels of the organization. Our survey of data professionals revealed that Director-level data scientists have the highest level of proficiency across many data science skills and work with more of their peers compared to data scientists who are Individual Contributors, Managers or even Executives. Satisfaction with outcome of analytics projects did […]

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Larger Data Science Teams Report Better Work Outcomes

Businesses are teeming with data.  As a result, business leaders are building up their data science capabilities to help make sense of their data. Our research showed that an effective approach to optimizing the value of that data is to build data science teams rather than relying on a single data scientist. In today's post, I […]

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The Stability of Customers' Sentiment, Satisfaction and Recommendation Intentions

Businesses assess the attitudes of their customers using customer surveys. The purpose of these surveys, typically conducted annually, is to help companies maintain or improve the quality of the customer relationship. The quality of the customer relationship is typically indexed by a few key questions, each measuring something important about the health of the customer relationship. These […]

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