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10 Loyalty Questions for Your Next Customer Survey – Free White Paper

Customer loyalty, a leading indicator of business growth, refers to the extent to which customers feel positively about and engage in positive behaviors (e.g., buy, recommend, buy different) toward a company or brand. Successful companies have customers who recommend them, stay with them and buy more from them compared to less successful companies. To improve […]

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Figure 1. Programming Languages used in 2018. Click image to enlarge.

Programming Languages Most Used and Recommended by Data Scientists

The practice of data science requires the use of analytics tools, technologies and programming languages to help data professionals extract insights and value from data. A recent survey of nearly 24,000 data professionals by Kaggle revealed that Python, SQL and R are the most popular programming languages. The most popular, by far, was Python (83% […]

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Customer Genome Project

How Data Integration and Machine Learning Improve Retention Marketing

Retention marketing is about preventing your valuable customers from churning. Reducing customer churn requires you to know two things: 1) which customers are about to churn and 2) which remedies will keep them from churning. In this paper, I show you how marketers can improve their customer retention efforts by 1) integrating disparate data silos […]

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IBM and Data Science are Helping Save the World through Call for Code

The devastating impact of natural disasters can be measured in human suffering, loss of life and economic impact. It is estimated that 2.5 million people have been directly affected by natural disasters since 2000. Additionally, natural disasters have had an economic impact of $1.3 trillion since 2003. Even though natural events such as floods, earthquakes […]

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Data Science and the Quest for Truth

I was interviewed by IBM to share my thoughts on a topic related to data science about which I’m passionate: How do we know what we know and, once we know it, how do we know it’s the truth? IBM turned that interview into a comic strip (see below) and I summarize my points in this […]

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smartARM -

Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner: smartARM from Canada

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup student competition was held this week in Seattle (read about Day 1 and Day 2). On Day 3 of the competition, the set of judges awarded the championship title to smartARM, a robotic hand prothetic that uses a camera embedded in its palm to recognize objects and calculate the most appropriate grip […]

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Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Day 2: Winners and Finalists

It’s day 2 of the Microsoft Imagine Cup, a global competition that empowers young computer science students to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology and quantitative skills to create applications that improve the world in which we live. They just announced the recipients of the three Imagine Cup Awards and the […]

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