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Word cloud of responses from customer survey using the question, "What one word best describes this company's products/services?

Development of the Customer Sentiment Index: Introduction

In the next few blog posts, I will introduce a new metric, the Customer Sentiment Index (CSI). Integrated into your customer relationship survey, the CSI assesses the degree to which customers possess a positive or negative attitude about you. The development of the CSI involved the application of different disciplines including psychometrics, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics. Each weekly […]

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IBM and Hadoop Challenge You to Use Big Data for Good

Big Data is about solving problems by bringing technology, data and people together. Sure, we can identify ways to get customers to buy more stuff or click on more ads, but the ultimate value of Big Data is in its ability to make this world a better place for all. IBM and Hadoop recently launched the Big Data for […]

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Customer Genome Project

Big Data Integration and Your Customer Genome

One of business’ Big Data challenges is the integration of different data silos. The integration of these disparate customer data helps your analytics team to identify the interrelationships among the different pieces of customer information, including their values, interests, attitudes about your brand, interactions with your brand and more. Integrating information/facts about your customers allows you to gain an […]

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The Meaning, Measurement and Analysis of the Employee Experience

Managing the employee experience is critical to the success of your business. Employees, after all, build the products and deliver service to your customers.  In short, they help ensure the customers receive a great customer experience, which translates into happier, loyal customers. Consequently, business leaders are seeking to better understand how to improve the quality of […]

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