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Skill-Based Approach to Improve the Practice of Data Science

Our Big Data world requires the application of data science principles by data professionals. I've recently taken a look at what it means to practice data science as a data scientist. Our survey results of over 500 data professionals revealed that different types of data scientists possess proficiency in different types of data skills. In […]

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No Matter How You Say It, I'm Thankful for Data

Is there a correct way to say the word, "data?" I hear different pronunciations of the word by data experts at conferences, news personalities on TV and even my friends. I recently did a quick Twitter poll to see how other people pronounce that word. Below are the results. Of the three different options provided in the […]

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Data Scientists and the Practice of Data Science

I was recently involved in a couple of panel discussions on what it means to be a data scientist and to practice data science. These discussions/debates took place at IBM Insight in Las Vegas in Late October. I attended the event as IBM's guest. The panels, moderated by Brian Fanzo, included me and these data experts: Andrew […]

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The Predictive Power of Customers' Words

Last month, I illustrated a new method of measuring customers' attitudes about a company's product or brand. This method is unique because it combines both a structured and unstructured measurement approach. Companies can use an open-ended survey question that asks customers to provide a single word that best describes the company/brand. From this one word, companies can apply […]

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