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Word cloud of responses from customer survey using the question, "What one word best describes this company's products/services?

Development of the Customer Sentiment Index: Lexical Differences

This is Part 2 of a series on the Development of the Customer Sentiment Index (see introduction, and Part 1). The CSI assesses the extent to which customers describe your company/brand with words that reflect positive or negative sentiment. This post covers the development of a judgment-based sentiment lexicon and compares it to empirically-based sentiment lexicons. Last week, I created […]

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Top 10 BOB Blog Posts of 2014: Empathy, Big Data and Metrics

I’ve counted the pageviews of each blog post for 2014 and present them here in my end-of-year summary. The topic of empathy topped the list of posts this year. I was surprised that my blog post on the role of empathy in the customer experience received the most pageviews this year. Other top posts reflected Big Data […]

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My Big Data Resolution for 2015

I generally like precision, and I strive for it in my writing and thinking. It certainly helps in communicating ideas., However, I have been pretty relaxed in how I use the term, Big Data. I’ve used the term to refer to the size of the data set (e.g., “We have Big Data.”). I have even used it to […]

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