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Brands In One Word - Equifax

We recently collected feedback about Equifax using our #BrandsInOneWord approach to measuring attitudes. This method requires each respondent to provide one word that best describes a particular brand. Next, applying our sentiment lexicon to the words, we calculate a Brand Sentiment Index. The #BrandsInOneWord results for Equifax appear below. Equifax is Equif*cked The Equifax brand has […]

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To be Successful at Data Science, Think Batman, Not Superman

I recently made a Batman analogy when discussing the topic of data science with some colleagues. In this post, I will explore this analogy further. Last week, a group of data professionals, including Jennifer Shin, Dion Hinchcliffe, Joe McKendrick, Joe Caserta and me, sat down with theCube's Dave Vellante and John Walls for a panel discussion on the topic of […]

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Customer Analytics Best Practices: Free White Paper

We surveyed 80+ customer-centric professionals in companies with formal customer-centric programs (e.g., customer experience, customer success) to determine the state of analytics in customer programs as well as identify what analytical leading companies (companies who use analytics to gain a competitive advantage) do differently in their customer programs compared to their analytical lagging counterparts. We […]

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Three Problems with Customer Surveys and How to Fix Them

Customer surveys are the foundation of many CX programs. Improvements in the content of these surveys, however, have not changed for decades. Businesses now have a plethora of data sources to help them understand their customers. The use of these Big Data sources will necessarily impact the type of questions you need to ask in […]

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25 Data Science Terms Every Customer Professional Needs to Know

We live in a Big Data world, one in which everything is quantified. As a result, customer-centric professional (e.g., customer experience, customer success) are increasingly using the practice of data science to extract value from these data. As the field of data science evolves, more terms are being used to define the process by which […]

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Artificial Intelligence: The Customer Experience Imperative

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is the process of understanding and managing customers' interactions with and perceptions about the company/brand. In our Big Data world, improving the customer experience is increasingly becoming data-intensive endeavor. Consider CRM systems, surveys, social media sources, telemetry systems, and publicly available data sources; using the combined power of statistics and today’s […]

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