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Comparing Loyalty Leaders and Laggards Across All CEM Activities.

6 Customer Experience Practices of Loyalty Leaders

In this post, I study what loyalty-leading companies do differently than loyalty-lagging companies in their customer experience management (CEM) efforts. The research helps identify best practices that companies can adopt in their CEM efforts to increase customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is important for business success. Satisfied customers recommend your brand to their friends, stay with you longer […]

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Word cloud of responses from customer survey using the question, "What one word best describes this company's products/services?

Development of the Customer Sentiment Index: Lexical Differences

This is Part 2 of a series on the Development of the Customer Sentiment Index (see introduction, and Part 1). The CSI assesses the extent to which customers describe your company/brand with words that reflect positive or negative sentiment. This post covers the development of a judgment-based sentiment lexicon and compares it to empirically-based sentiment lexicons. Last week, I created […]

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Top 10 BOB Blog Posts of 2014: Empathy, Big Data and Metrics

I’ve counted the pageviews of each blog post for 2014 and present them here in my end-of-year summary. The topic of empathy topped the list of posts this year. I was surprised that my blog post on the role of empathy in the customer experience received the most pageviews this year. Other top posts reflected Big Data […]

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