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Bob E. HayesI am Business over Broadway (B.O.B.). I am also the Director of Content at Appuri.  I like to solve problems using the scientific method. My interests are at the intersection of customer experience, Big Data and analytics.

What I Do

I conduct research in the area of big data, data science, customer feedback (e.g., identify best practices in CX programs, reporting methods and loyalty measurement) and provide consultation services to companies to help them improve how they use their customer data through proper integration and analysis.

Recognition as Subject Matter Expert


I have over 25 years of consulting and research experience in enterprise and midsize companies, including Oracle, Agilent Technologies, Sophos, Virtual Instruments, Netsmart Technologies and Genstar Capital. I have managed customer satisfaction research as an employee to Fortune 500 firms, and as an independent consultant. I have published numerous articles in both scientific and trade journals and presented at national and international conferences as a keynote speaker on such topics as customer experience management (CEM) best practices, implications of Big Data for CEM and selecting the right loyalty metric.


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  • University of Washington, BS, 1985
  • Bowling Green State University, MA, 1987
  • Bowling Green State University, PhD, 1992 | 206.372.5990