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Join View from the Top 500 (VFT-500) to Share with and Learn from your CEM Peers

VFT-500Knowledge is power in the world of customer service. How this knowledge is acquired, understood and consumed will have a substantial impact on your business success. To help customer experience professionals succeed, Omega Management Group and its strategic partner, Anthony & Alexander Group, are providing a solution with their View From the Top (VFT-500) Research Panel, an exclusive membership organization for service industry executives devoted to customer experience management (CEM) best practices. You can learn more about the VFT-500 and how to join this exclusive group here.

My Role

Omega has invited me to lead the VFT-500 Advisory Board as their Program Chairperson. I will manage the overall process, ensuring that the Advisory Board stays on course and continues to provide meaningful research data to VFT-500 members. I will be working closely with the VFT-500 Advisory Board to craft the quarterly surveys, identifying general areas of study as well as deep dives on specific topics related to customer experience management.

VFT-500 Program Specifics

The objective of the VFT Research Panel is to provide members with an opportunity to respond to questions and provide their opinions on service business-related topics that reveal valuable information, knowledge, trends and best practices in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Different types of analyses will be applied to these data (e.g., segmentation, correlational) to uncover deep insight. These insights will be summarized in confidential reports that are only available to VFT-500 members.

Research is conducted on key topics that will be of value to your organization. As a VFT-500 member, you'll be able to let us know what key research topics are a priority to you. Your input will be critical in helping us design the research topic surveys, which will be sent online to all VFT-500 members on a quarterly basis. We will then analyze the survey results and publish an executive summary report of our findings.

VFT-500 members will focus on vital areas of service business operations, such as:

  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) best practices and strategies that drive revenue and profits
  • Service operations, strategies and CRM technologies
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Employee compensation linked to customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Employee soft skills training in building a customer-centric culture

VFT-500 Benefits

As a VFT-500 member, you will participate in a quarterly online research survey that will result in a comprehensive report containing data from participating members—allowing your organization to measure its performance against other VFT-500 members. These reports will provide you with the key drivers for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty that you can apply to benchmark your organization's performance and establish a baseline for continuous improvement. Further, your organization will be licensed to use rankings in marketing materials and marketing campaigns. The research results will contain the aggregate compilations only.

Here's your opportunity to share your own thoughts on current service business-related topics and also learn from your peers. To learn more about the VFT-500, click here.


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