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Toyota's roadmap to recovery

I was asked, along with four other contributors, to share our thoughts regarding what companies could learn from the recent Toyota recalls. My contribution focused on customer feedback and how to ensure companies can keep their customers loyal. My portion of the article can be found here. The entire article, including thoughts of other contributors, appears in the April 2010 edition of Quality Progress.

BRAND LOYALTY: Feedback Best Practices Keep Customers Coming Back by Bob E. Hayes
Toyota’s recalls—and the subsequent media blitz surrounding customer reaction, the automaker’s handling of the recall and the Congressional hearings with company executives—have deleteriously affected the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality vehicles. As a result, customer loyalty has taken a hit.

Toyota’s U.S. sales dropped 9% in February 2010 compared to the previous year, while Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda and Hyundai reported double-digit growth in the same time period. Toyota now faces a monumental task: regaining the trust and loyalty of existing customers and potential new ones... >>read more.

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