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Oracle Corporation

My Conversation with Oracle on Customer Experience Management

I recently talked to John Foley (Director, strategic communications) of Oracle Corp. about the field of customer experience management (CEM). In our conversation, we touched on a few topics that I cover in more detail in my new book, TCE: Total Customer Experience: 1) the difference/similarities between CEM and CRM, 2) the marriage of Big Data and CEM […]

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Oracle Corporation

The Total Customer Experience: How Oracle Builds their Business Around the Customer

Oracle stands as a great example of a company that builds their business around the customer. In my new book on customer experience management (CEM), TCE: Total Customer Experience, I dedicate a chapter to Oracle's CEM approach. In this inside look into how one major enterprise structures their CEM program, I explore how Oracle puts […]

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New Book, Total Customer Experience, Now Available on Amazon

My new book, TCE - Total Customer Experience: Building Business through Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics, is now available on  The book, available in both a Kindle edition and a paperback edition, contains research-supported insights on the proper use of customer-centric measurement and analytics that will help businesses improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. About […]

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How Oracle Uses Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Customer experience management (CEM) programs are no stranger to the use of data. CEM professionals use data to gain insight about their customers to help improve the customer experience and optimize customer loyalty. Not surprisingly, CEM programs typically rely on customer feedback as their main data source (e.g., social media, customer emails, tech support notes, […]

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