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To be Successful at Data Science, Think Batman, Not Superman

I recently made a Batman analogy when discussing the topic of data science with some colleagues. In this post, I will explore this analogy further. Last week, a group of data professionals, including Jennifer Shin, Dion Hinchcliffe, Joe McKendrick, Joe Caserta and me, sat down with theCube's Dave Vellante and John Walls for a panel discussion on the topic of […]

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IBM and Hadoop Challenge You to Use Big Data for Good

Big Data is about solving problems by bringing technology, data and people together. Sure, we can identify ways to get customers to buy more stuff or click on more ads, but the ultimate value of Big Data is in its ability to make this world a better place for all. IBM and Hadoop recently launched the Big Data for […]

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Big Picture for Big Data Vendors

The Big Picture of Big Data for 2014

Several Big Data vendors have provided their predictions about what we might expect from the field of Big Data in 2014. These predictions come from articles from the following vendors (links provide each vendor's predictions): IBM, SGI, Think Big Analytics, Xplenty, Pentaho, Alpine Data Labs, MapR Technologies, DataDirect Networks and Concurrent. For each article, I used […]

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Six Practices Critical to Creating Value from Data and Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 900 IT and business executives from 70 countries from June through August 2013. The 50+ survey questions were designed to help translate concepts relating to generating value from analytics into actions. They found that business leaders adopt specific strategies to create value from data and analytics. Leaders: are 166% more likely […]

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Creating Value from Analytics: The Nine Levers of Business Success

IBM just released the results of a global study on how businesses can get the most value from Big Data and analytics. They found nine areas that are critical to creating value from analytics. You can download the entire study here. IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 900 IT and business executives from 70 countries […]

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Getting a 360° View of the Customer - Interview with Mark Myers of IBM

Businesses, to succeed, need to have a deep understanding of their customers. Businesses now have unprecedented access to a wide variety of different types of customer data from which to gain customer insights. The intelligent use (e.g., analysis, dissemination) of this data can help businesses deliver a better customer experience both at the group level […]

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