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Evaluating Hospital Quality using Patient Experience, Health Outcomes and Process of Care Measures

Patient experience (PX) has become an important topic for US hospitals. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will be using patient feedback about their care as part of their reimbursement plan for acute care hospitals (see Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program). Not surprisingly, hospitals are focusing on improving the patient experience to ensure they receive the maximum of their […]

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Map of US Hospitals and their Health Outcome Metrics

Using publicly available hospital data, I developed a map to help you easily identify and understand how your hospital ranks with respect to two key outcome measures: 1) Mortality rates and 2) Re-admission rates. These outcome measures were used to calculate new outcome metrics (Survival Rate and Non-Readmission Rate) where higher scores reflected better performance […]

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Map of US Hospitals and their Process of Care Metrics

Using publicly available hospital data, I developed a map to that ranks US hospitals with respect to how well they follow guidelines, standards of care or practice parameters. This process of care metric is based on medical information from patient records that reflects the rate or percentage across 12 procedures related to surgical care.  These percentages […]

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Improve the Patient Experience to Increase Patient Loyalty

Last week, I wrote about the data that the Federal government is giving away for free. Their intent is to encourage entrepreneurs and developers to build new and innovative products and services.  I highly recommend you check out the site for data in such areas as energy and education and safety. After doing several searches on the site, I […]

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United States of America's CTO Wants You to Kick Ass with Big Data

I recently watched an 8-minute TechCrunch interview of United States of America's Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, that got me really excited.  It turns out that the Federal government has a lot of free data. In the interview, Mr. Park encourages developers and entrepreneurs to download these data for the purpose of building new products, services, and companies. Park emphasizes […]

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