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What Must You Ask? Comparing Two Customer Survey Approaches

A new customer survey approach that requires only two open-ended questions provides customer insights that are comparable to a longer, more traditional customer survey. This post presents the new survey approach and outlines its benefits to your enterprise. Customer feedback plays a central role in customer-focused programs. Annual customer surveys are the most popular ways […]

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The Stability of Customers' Sentiment, Satisfaction and Recommendation Intentions

Businesses assess the attitudes of their customers using customer surveys. The purpose of these surveys, typically conducted annually, is to help companies maintain or improve the quality of the customer relationship. The quality of the customer relationship is typically indexed by a few key questions, each measuring something important about the health of the customer relationship. These […]

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The Reliability and Validity of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaint Database

I was invited to present at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Payment Card Center conference, Consumer Financial Protection Regulations: How Do They Measure Up?.  Held last week in Philadelphia, this excellent two-day event was tailored around different aspects consumer financial protection to help advance the discussion of targeted design and outcome measurement as central features […]

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