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Development of the Customer Sentiment Index: Measuring Customers' Attitudes

This is Part 1 of a series on the Development of the Customer Sentiment Index (see introduction here). The CSI assesses the degree to which customers possess a positive or negative attitude about you. This post covers the measurement of customers' attitudes and the development of empirically-derived sentiment lexicons. I was invited to give a talk at the Sentiment […]

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In Data We Trust

The use of data in driving business decisions is a competitive imperative in today's business world, improving how companies market to, sell to, and service their customers. Yet IBM found that 1 in 3 business leaders do not trust the information they use to make decisions. When business leaders don't believe their data, they likely are not going to […]

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Don't Let a Bad Experience Harsh Your Customers' Buzz

The recreational marijuana industry is about to open for business. What can this emerging industry learn from the field of customer experience management? Service is still important. Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Washington state recently adopted rules to help govern this new recreational marijuana system, including rules […]

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Inside CXM: Improving Customer Loyalty for B2B Companies

Business leaders are looking to the field of customer experience management (CEM/CXM) to help them better understand how to increase customer loyalty. CXM is about managing your customers’ interactions with and perceptions about your company or brand. Improve the customer experience and increases in customer loyalty will follow. The question becomes:  Of the different CX touch points, which […]

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Inside CXM

Inside CXM: New Global Thought Leader Hub for Customer Experience Professionals

Inside CXM, a new online global thought leadership hub for customer experience management (CXM/CEM) professionals, officially launched yesterday. Inside CXM is focused on bringing you the latest insights from the field of customer experience management. According to Inside CXM, their goal with this program is to provide valuable content via experts who have their finger on the […]

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Nate-Silvering Small Data Leads to Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry insights

There is much talk of Big Data and how it is changing/impacting how businesses improve the customer experience. In this week's post, I want to illustrate the value of Small Data. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) receive the lowest customer satisfaction ratings among the industry sectors measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). As an […]

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Oracle Corporation

My Conversation with Oracle on Customer Experience Management

I recently talked to John Foley (Director, strategic communications) of Oracle Corp. about the field of customer experience management (CEM). In our conversation, we touched on a few topics that I cover in more detail in my new book, TCE: Total Customer Experience: 1) the difference/similarities between CEM and CRM, 2) the marriage of Big Data and CEM […]

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Oracle Corporation

The Total Customer Experience: How Oracle Builds their Business Around the Customer

Oracle stands as a great example of a company that builds their business around the customer. In my new book on customer experience management (CEM), TCE: Total Customer Experience, I dedicate a chapter to Oracle's CEM approach. In this inside look into how one major enterprise structures their CEM program, I explore how Oracle puts […]

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