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Webinar: Improving the Customer Experience Using Big Data, Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics

I recently gave a talk on how to improve the customer experience using Big Data, customer-centric measurement and analytics. My talk was hosted by the good people at Pivotal (recently Cetas). You can view the webinar by registering here or you can view the slides below. In this webinar, Improving the Customer Experience Using Big Data, Customer-Centric […]

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Share a Joke for a Chance to Win the New Book, Total Customer Experience

My new book, TCE – Total Customer Experience: Building Business through Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics, is now available on  The book, available in both a Kindle edition and paperback, contains research-supported insights on the proper use of customer-centric measurement and analytics that will help businesses improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. I am offering a free pdf […]

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How the Right Loyalty and Operational Metrics Drive Service Excellence – Webinar

Last week, I spoke at the CustomerThink Customer Experience Thought Leader Forum, which includes customer experience researchers and practitioners sharing leading-edge practices. Bob Thompson, founder of CustomerThink, organized several sessions focusing on specific CX issues facing business today. In our session, titled Customer Service Excellence: How to Optimize Channel and Metrics to Drive Ominchannel Excellence, Stephen Fioretti, […]

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Adoption of Analytics in Business Increasing but ROI Remains Elusive [INFOGRAPHIC]

Accenture recently released a report about the use of analytics in business. In the summer of 2012, they surveyed 600 executives from the US and UK about their use of analytics. Accenture found that adoption of analytics is up and interest continues to grow. Predictive analytics is up threefold (33% in 2012) since 2009. 68% […]

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Improving the Value of Customer Experience Analytics

It is no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of the power of analytics. In 2010, researchers from MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM found that organizations that used business information and analytics outperformed organizations that did not. Top-performing businesses were twice as likely to use analytics to guide future strategies and guide day-to-day operations compared […]

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Improving the Customer Experience Through Big Data [VIDEO]

I was invited by  David Pittman of IBM Big Data to participate in a Google Hangout about Big Data and customer experience management (CEM). Stacy Leidwinger, Sr. Dir. of Product Management at IBM Vivisimo, and I talked about how businesses can improve the customer experience using Big Data principles. Also, you can read more about CEM and Big Data in my […]

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One Thing You Need To Know About Statistics. Maybe Two

In my professional work, I use statistics to help businesses make sense of their data. By applying statistics to their wide array of business data, senior executives can gain deep insight about actions they can take to drive their business forward. Apart from this narrow application of statistics, I am a big believer that understanding statistics […]

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