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What is Customer Loyalty? Part 2: A Customer Loyalty Measurement Framework

Last week, I reviewed several definitions of customer loyalty (see What is Customer Loyalty? Part 1) that are being used in business today. It appears that definitions fall into two broad categories of loyalty: emotional and behavioral. Emotional loyalty is about how customers generally feel about a company/brand (e.g., when somebody loves, trusts, willing to forgive […]

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Measuring Customer Loyalty in Non-Competitive Environments

Measuring customer loyalty, the degree to which customers engage in positive behaviors toward your company/brand, is essential for your customer experience management (CEM) program. We know that customer loyalty is key to driving business growth (e.g., increased revenue, market share).  Customers can exhibit many different types of loyalty behaviors toward a company, from recommending your company […]

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Customer Loyalty Measures Require Comprehensiveness and Clarity

Developing measures of customer loyalty using survey questions is a scientific endeavor; these loyalty measures are typically customers' self-reported likelihood of engaging in future loyalty behaviors. Because self-reported metrics are necessarily fraught with measurement error, I have argued for using psychometrics as a way of evaluating these "soft" metrics. Psychometrics helps you understand the reliability […]

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The Relationship Between Survey Response Rates and Survey Ratings

When soliciting feedback from customers through formal surveys, we only receive a percentage of completed or returned surveys. This percentage (number of people who answered the survey divided by the number of people in the sample) is referred to as the response or completion rate. In practice, I have seen response rates as low as […]

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