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Speaking Engagements

TCELab at VOCFusion 2012I like to share my knowledge of customer feedback programs (VOC, customer experience/loyalty programs) and the scientific method to anybody who wants to listen and learn. In addition to sharing my research and ideas in the written form via my blog and books, I also share my ideas at speaking engagements. If you would like me to present at your next event, please contact me.

Some Background

I hold a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from Bowling Green State University, specializing in survey methods and analytics. I have over 20 years of consulting and research experience in enterprise and midsize companies, including Oracle, Agilent Technologies, Sophos and Virtual Instruments, Netsmart Technologies and Genstar Capital. I have managed customer satisfaction research as an employee to Fortune 500 firms, and as an independent consultant.

Hayes, B. E. (2009). Beyond the ultimate question: A systematic approach to improve customer loyalty. Quality Press. Milwaukee, WI. Read more about the book.

Hayes, B. E. (2008). Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty: Survey design, use and statistical analysis methods (3rd ed.). Quality Press. Milwaukee, WI. Read more about the book.


I have published numerous articles in both scientific and trade journals and presented research at national and international conferences on the measurement of customer satisfaction, employee empowerment, and employee perceptions of workplace safety. Below is a list of these talks.

  • Measure and Predict: Lessons in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (March, 2014): Presented at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York, NY.
  • Big Data Improves the Customer Experience through Silo Integration (February, 2014): Presented at Customer Experience Professionals Association Networking Event, San Mateo, CA.
  • Integrating Customer Experience Metrics Into Your Big Data Plan (June, 2012): Presented at Redes Sociales y sCRM, Bogota, Colombia.
  • Using Big Data to Improve Customer Loyalty (May, 2012). Presented at VOCFusion, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Big Data has Big Implications for Customer Experience Management (May, 2012). Presented at Omega Management Score Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Selecting the right measures of customer loyalty (April, 2011). Presented at Omega Management Score Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Linkage analysis in customer feedback programs (April, 2011). Presented at Omega Management Score Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Competitive analytics that drive customer loyalty (April, 2011). Presented at Omega Management Score Conference, Boston, MA.
  • The three true measures of customer loyalty using VOC programs (May, 2010). Presented at Engage Summit, Park City, UT.
  • Customer Loyalty 2.0: Beyond the ultimate question (May, 2010). Keynote speaker at Vovici Vision 2010 Users Conference, Washington, DC.
  • Customer feedback programs: Best practices (May, 2009). Presented at annual meeting of American Society for Quality World Quality Conference at Minneapolis, MN.
  • Improving customer loyalty in a B2B environment (March, 2009). Keynote address at Custon Customer Congress, The Netherlands.
  • Promoting regulatory excellence through surveying (September, 2008). Presented at the annual meeting of Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation at Anchorage, AK. | 206.372.5990