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Executive Education

Bob E. HayesA successful customer-centric strategy depends on top management. Provide your senior leaders the tools and knowledge they need to build the company around the customers. I provide educational resources to help your team learn about all components of an effective customer experience management program. Contact me for more information.

Topics I can cover include:

  1. Customer Loyalty Measurement Primer: Net Promoter Score vs. RAPID
  2. Best practices in Customer Experience Management Programs
  3. How to use Customer Feedback data (Macro and Micro)
  4. Big Data and Customer Loyalty; Predictive Analytics and Linkage Analysis
  5. How and what data to collect in your Voice of Customer Survey
  6. VOC data analysis and reporting
  7. Strategy Governance and Business Process Integration
  8. Battling misinformation and opinion
  9. Maximizing the value of Employee Satisfaction Surveys to increase Customer Loyalty
  10. Difference between relationship surveys and transactional surveys, and when to use both
  11. The Big Picture: Understanding your Customer Ecosystem to Improve Company Performance
  12. Customer Loyalty in non-competitive environments

Your Training Needs

I can deliver training in the manners that are most accommodating to you.  These methods will include online tools, face-to-face meetings and other emerging training methods.  I am also available to do one-on-one training sessions as needed.

The training material I deliver depends on:

  1. General information or with consideration for where you are in your VOC journey. We have a number of “canned” presentations / topics (see below) that we can readily deliver, but if we are to integrate the topic with your specific company, we would want you to complete our CEM Self-Assessment, and then we can tailor things a bit more for you:
  2. Who is going to be in the room? We’ve done training for four different group types:
    1. VOC (Voice of Customer) Professionals
    2. C-Suite and Executives
    3. Managers
    4. Individual contributors.

Some Background

I hold a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from Bowling Green State University, specializing in survey methods and analytics. I have over 20 years of consulting and research experience in enterprise and midsize companies, including Oracle, Agilent Technologies, Sophos and Virtual Instruments, Netsmart Technologies and Genstar Capital. I have managed customer satisfaction research as an employee to Fortune 500 firms, and as an independent consultant.

Hayes, B. E. (2009). Beyond the ultimate question: A systematic approach to improve customer loyalty. Quality Press. Milwaukee, WI. Read more about the book.

Hayes, B. E. (2008). Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty: Survey design, use and statistical analysis methods (3rd ed.). Quality Press. Milwaukee, WI. Read more about the book. | 206.372.5990