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CustomerVerse: Navigating the Words of Customer Feedback

CustomerVerse - Sample Report

Click image to download CustomerVerse sample report.

CustomerVerse is a customer feedback solution to measure and improve the customer experience. CustomerVerse represents the culmination of over 20 years of research in how to best capture and improve customer satisfaction. The CustomerVerse provides you with useful metrics and information that will help you drive your business forward.

In our research into different survey approaches, we found that you can learn a lot about your customers by asking them these two questions:

  1. What one word best describes Company Name?
  2. If you were in charge of Company Name, what improvements, if any, would you make?

Using our proprietary sentiment lexicons and algorithms, we can extract useful information from your customers’ responses to help you improve the quality of the customer relationship. Based on these two questions, you will be able to understand, track and improve customer sentiment.

The Insights You Need to Grow Your Business


Word Cloud of Customers’ Words. Click image to enlarge.

CustomerVerse provides you with a summary report that includes:

  • Word Cloud of customers’ responses – This summary provides a high-level picture of how customers describe you. Not only do these words provide you insight as to what is driving customer satisfaction, they can also be used to augment marketing collateral.


    Understand your customers’ attitudes using our Customer Sentiment Index. Click image to enlarge.

  • Customer Sentiment Index – Using our proprietary sentiment lexicon algorithm, we translate customers’ words into numerical values that reflect your customers’ sentiment/attitude toward you and your brand. Use this metric to track customer satisfaction over time.
  • ImproveTheseAreas

    Invest in the right areas to grow your business. Click image to enlarge.

    Customer Experience Improvement Areas – When you make improvements to your business, you want to ensure you are investing in the right areas that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our analysis will tell you which improvement areas will have the largest return on investment.

Why Use CustomerVerse?

There are five primary benefits to using CustomerVerse. The CustomerVerse helps you:

  1. Save money. CustomerVerse is a cost-effective way to understand your customers needs.
  2. Obtain reliable, valid and useful information about your customers. Insights gleaned from the CustomerVerse are comparable to longer surveys.
  3. Hear from more of your customers. Shorter surveys have higher response rates.
  4. Minimize customer effort. CustomerVerse provides customers a quick and easy way to tell you what you need to do to win their business. Respect your customers’ time.
  5. Identify operational best practices, track sentiment and understand customer segments. Using our proprietary Customer Sentiment Index, you will be able to test hypotheses about your customers.

Customers who are happier with your products and service will recommend you to their friends, purchase different types of products from you and will be around for the long-term. Find out how your customers feel about you with CustomerVerse and start growing your business.

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