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Customer-Centric Metrics

Customer MetricsMeasure and monitor operational business metrics that are important to your customers. We will analyze your existing customer feedback data along with your operational data (e.g., turn-around time, call handling data) using Business Linkage Analysis to help you identify/create key operational metrics that are statistically linked to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The operational metrics become the leading indicators of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Once these key customer-centric operational metrics are identified, they can be used to manage your business. Use these metrics in performance feedback meetings at the individual, group or department level. Additionally, these operational metrics can be used in goal setting and incentive programs to ensure employees are rewarded for behavior that will maximize customer satisfaction. Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty requires clear, objective metrics that are meaningful to front-line employees.

The use of these customer-centric operational metrics ensures the company is focused on monitoring key business processes that truly drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. | 206.372.5990