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Customer Experience and Loyalty Metrics Customer metrics are used to measure and track important customer variables and have a substantial impact on the success of your CEM program. They are used in executive dashboards and company reports as well as call center dashboards and employee management efforts. Be sure you are using the right customer metrics. Read more.
Customer Relationship Diagnostic Business success starts with a solid understanding of the health of the customer relationship. The Customer Relationship Diagnostic (CRD) is a business intelligence solution that helps companies measureimprove and valuate the health of the customer relationship. Use the CRD as your VoC survey. Read more.
Employee Relationship Diagnostic Loyalty leaders understand that, to have satisfied and loyal customers, they must ensure employees are satisfied and loyal. To improve the employee experience, you first need to know what is important to your employees. The Employee Relationship Diagnostic (ERD), a survey solution, helps companies measure and improve the health of the employee relationship. Read more.
Partner Relationship Diagnostic Loyalty leading companies understand that, to have satisfied and loyal customers, they must ensure their partners are satisfied and loyal. A healthy partner relationship relies on you providing your partners the tools, resources and working relationship they need to succeed at servicing your joint customers. The Partner Relationship Diagnostic (PRD), a survey solution, helps companies measure and improve the health of the partner relationship. Read more.
Executive Education Executive-level support is essential to the success of your CEM efforts. Get your senior executives involved at the start of your customer journey. To help leaders build a company culture that is focused on customer needs, they can learn the underpinnings of CEM and why a customer-centric approach to managing their business works. Read more.
Program Assessment Your CEM program has many moving parts, each contributing to the success of the overall program. From senior executive support to using all your VoC data to get deep insight, see how your program compares to the best practices. Start by taking this free CEM Self-Assessment Survey to identify your program’s maturity. Read more.
Applied Research While automated tools help summarize customer feedback results, these tools only provide a glimpse into the vast amount of information that is contained in your customer data. Analysis of customer feedback data needs to go well beyond descriptive statistics and driver analysis. Find out how you can maximize the value of all your business data through applied research. Read more.
Speaking Engagements I speak regularly on customer experience management at professional conferences. Topics include best practices in CEM programs, customer loyalty and experience measurement, analytics and Big Data and CEM. Read more.
Patient Experience The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will be using patient feedback about their care as part of their reimbursement plan for acute care hospitals (see Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program). The purpose of the VBP program is to promote better clinical outcomes for patients and improve their experience of care during hospital stays. Not surprisingly, hospitals are focusing on improving the patient experience to ensure they receive the maximum of their incentive payments. Read more. | 206.372.5990