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TCE: Total Customer Experience

tcethebookfinalsmallHayes, B. E. (2013). TCE: Total customer experience - Building business through customer-centric measurement and analytics. Business Over Broadway.  Seattle, WA.

Total Customer Experience (TCE) is about taking a holistic view of your customers. By integrating different data sources (customer, operational, financial, employee, partner), you are able to get a seemless, comprehensive view of your customers. TCE help you understand how to take a customer-centric approach to organizing and integrating your business data to help you improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.
TCE is about applying rigorous measurement practices of important variables as well as the appropriate application of statistical analyses on these measures. Taking this scientific approach to measuring and analyzing your business metrics allows you to make evidence-based decisions that are based on fact, not hyperbole. Buy book. | 206.372.5990