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Below is a list of articles on a variety of  topics that range from customer feedback programs and customer loyalty measurement to employees’ perception of  empowerment and workplace safety. All articles are free for download.

Hayes, B.E.  (2011). Lessons in loyalty. Quality Progress, March, 24-31. Paper discusses the development and validation of the RAPID Loyalty approach. Three reliable customer loyalty metrics are predictive of different types of business growth. Read entire article.

Hayes, B.E., Goodden, R., Atkinson, R., Murdock, F. & Smith, D. (2010). Where to Start: Experts weigh in on what all of us can learn from Toyota’s challenges. Quality Progress, April, 16-23. Paper discusses best practices in customer feedback programs across six (6) areas: Strategy, Governance, Business Process Integration, Method, Reporting and Research. Read entire article.

Customer Loyalty 2.0Hayes, B. E. (2008). Customer loyalty 2.0: The Net Promoter Score debate and the meaning of customer loyalty, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, October, 54-62. Paper reviews and critiques the Net Promoter® Score (NPS). Researcher shows that NPS claims are overstated; other loyalty questions (overall sat, buy again) are just as effective at predicting growth. Use of only NPS can lead to lost revenue. Read entire article.

The True Test of LoyaltyHayes, B. E. (2008). The true test of loyalty. Quality Progress. June, 20-26. Paper demonstrates that customer loyalty consists of three components: Retention, Advocacy, and Purchasing, each measured by Retention Loyalty Index, Advocacy Loyalty Index and Purchasing Loyalty Index. Each predicts different types of business growth. Read entire article.

Hayes, B. E. (1994). How to measure empowerment. Quality Progress, 27(2), 41-46. A classic. Paper discusses need to define and measure empowerment. Researcher develops reliable measure of employee perceptions of empowerment, the Employee Empowerment Questionnaire (EEQ). The EEQ was related to important employee attitudes (job satisfaction). Read entire article.

Hayes, B. E., Perander, J., Smecko, T., & Trask, J. (1998). Measuring perceptions of workplace safety: Development and validation of the work safety scale. Journal of Safety Research, 29(3), 145-161. Paper discusses development of employee perceptions of workplace safety, The Work Safety Scale (WSS). The WSS measures five different components of perceptions of safety at work. The WSS is related to employees’ reported accident rates and their compliance with safety behaviors. Read article here. | 206.372.5990