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Customer Loyalty 2.0 Article in Quirk's Marketing Research Review

Read the study by Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D. in the October 2008 edition of Quirk's Marketing Research Review magazine titled Customer Loyalty 2.0: The NPS Debate and the Meaning of Customer Loyalty. The article summarizes the NPS methodology, including its developers’ claims and opponents’ criticisms. Additionally, this paper includes research that examines the meaning of […]

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (3rd Edition)!

Updated book on measuring customer satisfaction: Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (3rd Edition). Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D. updates his best-seller about how to construct, evaluate, and use questionnaires, and adds a new chapter on customer loyalty. Included are two different methods of sampling and determining an appropriate sample size for reliable results; the reliability and […]

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Customer Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value

Customer loyalty and customer lifetime value are two different, yet related, areas of study. The purpose of this discussion is to outline each area and highlight how knowledge in both areas is necessary to better understand how to grow a company.  Companies are not static entities; they make business decisions in hopes to increase customer […]

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