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These 13 Customer Experience Practices will Improve Customer Loyalty

Adoption of customer experience (CX) best practices plays a significant role in the success of any company. In this post, I present specific customer experience management (CEM) business practices that are linked to high customer loyalty. By adopting these activities into your CEM program, you improve the probability of your success. Researchers found that companies that have customers […]

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Your Product, Future and Employees: Three Customer Experience Pillars of Growth

Customer experience touch points are not created equal. Findings from a study of six B2B technology companies highlight the top customer experience touch points that drive different kinds of business growth. What helps businesses acquire new customers is not the same as what helps them keep customers or improve their share of wallet. Businesses are looking to the […]

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Top 10 BOB Blog Posts of 2013: It's all About Loyalty and Analytics

I've rounded up my most popular (based on pageviews) blog posts from 2013. The top blog post was on the Customer Loyalty Measurement Framework which received three times as many views as the second most popular blog post. Many of the remaining top blog posts were on how companies can improve the value of their […]

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The Meaning of Scale Values for Likelihood to Recommend Ratings

Customer experience management professionals use self-reported "likelihood" questions to measure customer loyalty. In their basic form, customer loyalty questions ask customers to rate their likelihood of engaging in different types of loyalty behaviors toward the company, including behaviors around retention (likelihood to leave), advocacy (likelihood to recommend) and purchasing (likelihood to buy different products). These loyalty […]

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Two More Customer Experience Facts and Suggestions You Can't Ignore [INFOGRAPHIC]

Keepify rounded up some facts about the customer experience (CX) and presented them in an infographic titled "14 Customer Experience Facts Marketers Can't Ignore."  These facts illustrate how companies are getting value from their CX data. I took away two things from these 14 facts: two more facts. For me, these two new facts help […]

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Which Customer Loyalty Metric is the Best? My Interview with Jeff Olsen of Allegiance Radio

I gave a talk at VoCFusion last month on the value of Big Data in customer experience management (CEM). After the talk, I was interviewed by the multi-talented Jeff Olsen of Allegiance (the conference organizer). Listen to the interview >> Jeff's questions and my abridged answers (along with some links to supporting content) appear below.  We cover […]

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Customer Loyalty Feedback Meets Customer Relationship Management

In my new book, Total Customer Experience, I illustrate why three types of customer loyalty are needed to understand the different ways your customers can show their loyalty towards your company or brand. The three types of loyalty are: Retention Loyalty: likelihood of customers to stay with a company Advocacy Loyalty: likelihood of customers to […]

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