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Three Upcoming Talks on Big Data and Customer Experience Management

I have recently written on Big Data's role in Customer Experience Management (CEM) and how companies can extract great insight from their business data when different types of business data are integrated with customer feedback data. I have been invited to share my thoughts on Big Data and Customer Experience Management at three upcoming conferences in […]

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Big Data

Big Data has Big Implications for Customer Experience Management

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Big Data is the latest buzz word in the world of business. The concept of Big Data is broad one and I consider it an amalgamation of different areas that help us try to get a handle on, insight from and use out of […]

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Visualizing Product Quality and Customer Service Quality

I recently wrote about (and visually illustrated) the different types of customer loyalty in customer experience management programs. In that post, I showed how factor analysis can be used to help us understand the measurement and meaning of customer loyalty. In this week's post, I use factor analysis to illustrate the measurement of two primary touch points about […]

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Customer Loyalty Factor Space

Visualizing the Three Components of Customer Loyalty

I use factor analysis (more on that below) often in my customer experience management research. Specifically, I use it to help understand how to best measure customer loyalty. The value of factor analysis, however, is sometimes lost in the details. In this post, I adopt a visual approach in presenting factor-analytic results of some prior […]

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Detection of Data Errors

Ten Guidelines for Clean Customer Feedback Data

Customer experience management (CEM) programs involve the collection, analysis and dissemination of customer feedback. These customer feedback data are extremely valuable to businesses. Customer feedback data are used to help senior executives identify and improve key drivers of customer loyalty. They help call center staff immediately address specific customer issues.  They help managers understand how […]

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