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Business Over Broadway and Mob4Hire release first look at "Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey"

I'm excited to announce the first look of the results of a "Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey." Conducted in collaboration with Mob4Hire and myself in Feb 2010, the unprecedented 111-country survey analyzes the impact of mobile apps on operator’s churn (# of new customers acquired minus # of existing customers lost), as well as many dimensions of the app ecosystem as it relates to mobile user behavior and satisfaction.

You can have a look at the official press release here:

The 8-page Executive Summary is available at Slideshare by clicking here or see below.

This research from this survey is significant from two standpoints:

  1. It demonstrates that the mobile apps and ecosystem that network operators provide users are extremely important to their customer loyalty around the globe: 75% of people say mobile apps are important when choosing their new operator.
  2. It demonstrates a great use of Mob4Hire's distributed community of more than 40,000 people in 146 countries on 364 network operators.

We will be releasing additional results of the survey in coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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