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I take a thoughtful approach to solving your customer experience and business analytics problems. I adhere to scientifically accepted research practices and apply my 20+ years of training and consultation experience to help formulate an effective solution. While I do not claim to know everything, I approach all problems with a scientific eye and create solutions that are based in reality and that are verifiable.

My research expertise includes:

  • Customer Experience Management: designing customer experience management (CEM) programs that are based on scientifically-derived best practices
  • Customer Survey Development and Use: helping you understand your customer feedback program’s strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Research Designs: designing research projects to help you critically evaluate your business hypotheses, using both experimental and quasi-experimental designs
  • Quantitative Methods: Applying appropriate statistical methods to ensure results (e.g., trends, differences) in your data are meaningful, real and valuable
    • Regression Analysis
    • Factor Analysis
    • Multiple Regression
    • Analysis of Variance
    • Cluster Analysis | 206.372.5990