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23 Reasons to Get Excited about Data: Free e-book from IBM

We live in a Big Data world where everything is being quantified. In fact, data already touches many aspects of your lives. IBM just released a free e-book illustrating why everybody needs to be excited about data. This e-book talks about how data can:

  1. Power your business
  2. Impact your personal and professional life
  3. Make an difference to others
  4. Help you dominate your fantasy sports league

The book also includes commentary by a group of social influencers who IBM refers to as Watson Analytics Predictioneers. These influencers include Deborah Berebichez, John Cook, Valdis Krebs, Christopher Penn and Randy Krum.

Get the Free e-Book from IBM

IBM_ebook_23_reasonsData, whether they be big or small, can provide a lot of value to businesses, people and society as a whole. The book, 23 Reasons to Get Excited about Data, contains great examples of the application of Big Data as well as insightful comments by today's social influencers. Learn about why you need to be excited about data. Download the free book here.



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